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The Second Meeting of the CRF Executive Committee on of Farming and Milling Productivity was held on 27 March 2015. Twenty people attended the meeting chaired by Mr. Vong Bun Heng, with an introduction from CRF President Mr Sok Puthyvuth.
On 26 March, 2015, Mr. Sok Puthyvuth, CRF President met with farmer cooperatives in  Daun Peng commune, Angkor Chum district, Siem Reap province with the aim in understanding the key challenges facing farmers’ cooperatives and
The first Meeting of the CRF Executive Committee on Cost Competitiveness was held on 25 March 2015.  Seventeen people attended the meeting chaired by Oknha Kim Savuth with Mr. Norng Veasna as Vice-Chair.
On 25 March 2015, a meeting between CRF and the General Department of Taxation (GDT) had  taken place at GDT office headquarter in Phnom Penh, under the leadership of H.E Kong Vibol, Delegate of the Royal Government and Director General of GDT,  Mr Sok Puthyvuth, CRF President and
A joint mission of the European Union Commission's Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Directorate General for Trade, visited Cambodia from March 18 to 20 to have consultations with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) on the rice exports to the European Union.
On 17 March 2015, a meeting between the Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program (CAVAC) and CRF was held at CRF office. The main objective of the meeting was to understand CRF’s role and responsibility and work and the possible cooperation between CAVAC and CRF.
The first Meeting of the CRF Executive Committee on Farming and Milling Productivity Executive Committee was held on On 17 March 2015.  Twenty three people attended the meeting chaired by Mr Vong Bunheng with Mr Sam Ath Veasna as Vice-Chair. Topics discussed during the meeting included
On 13 March 2015, Oknha Kim Savuth, CRF Vice President and Mr Ith Vichit, Strategy and Management Advisor paid a courtesy call to H.E. Kong Vibol, Delegate of the Royal Government and Director General of the General Department of Taxation.
From 12- 13 March, 2015, CRF Secretariat office is conducting its first training session on Leadership and Team Work Effectiveness with its secretariat office staff members. 9 people attended the training which was presented by Mr. Ith Vichit, CRF Strategy and Management Consultant. The 2-sessions training were aimed at strengthening
On 5 March 2015, CRF President, Mr. Sok Puthyvuth attended the 2015 Cambodia Outlook Conference on the theme “AEC 2015 and Beyond: Our Reform Agenda” at the Hotel Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra. The annual Cambodia Outlook Conference is a partnership between

តម្លៃអង្ករនាំចេញ (FOB PRICE)
(Update: as of 10 February 2021)



តម្លៃស្រូវ (សើមនិងស្ងួត)- PADDY PRICE
(Update: 19 February  2021)

Export Statistics
by Metric Tons
Monthly 2018 2019 2020 2021
1. january 62.623 59.625 50.450 34.273
2. February 47.809 52.861 86.049 ---
3. March 50.683 58.335 94.449 ---
4. April 36.239 42.942 69.304 ---
5. May 42.865 36.409 55.845 ---
6. June 31.318 31.366 41.563 ---
7. July 25.543 26.475 28.413 ---
8. August 44.558 34.032 22.130 ---
9. September 47.626 56.541 40.572 ---
10. October 45.543 59.354 47.530 ---
11. November 62.433 56.209 64.740 ---
12. December 128.985 105.957 89.784 ---
Yearly Export 626.225 620.106 690.829 34.273
MOT- Sources: Secretariat One Window Service
(SOWS-REF) for rice export.